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June 04, 2008


Jack Powers

Perfect: The Kaiser Permanente rep doesn't want to trust patients with their own data. I don't think he can stop people taking control; the whole Internet revolution is about inmates running the asylum ... for better or worse.

Ten years down the line, it could be very good:

or it could be very bad:

but shift happens.

Dale Hunscher

I love your scenarios, Jack! It's not a Kaiser Permanente problem, though - it's endemic to the US healthcare "system".

Scott Smith

I read with great interest your blog about electronic medical records. (MMR) is an advanced patient health record and an Integrated Service Provider on Google Health.

Using MMR, complete patient records can be easily faxed, voiced, or uploaded into a password-secured, web-based account. An emergency log-in feature also allows access to your critical medical information in the event of an emergency, and it has a drug interaction database for prescriptions, as well as many other features.

Perhaps you and your readers would like to test drive MMR by signing up for 30 days free using the promotion code TRYMMR.
Scott Smith
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