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May 27, 2008


Scott Smith

I read with great interest your blog about Patient Health Records (PHRs). (MMR) is an advanced PHR and an Integrated Service Provider on Google Health.

Using MMR, complete patient records can be easily faxed, voiced, or uploaded into a password-secured, web-based account. An emergency log-in feature also allows access to your critical medical information in the event of an emergency, and it has a drug interaction database for prescriptions, as well as many other features.

Perhaps you and your readers would like to test drive MMR by signing up for 30 days free using the promotion code TRYMMR.
Scott Smith
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Dirk Van Slyke

Great dialogue on personal health records. We are a manufacturer of medical ID jewelry, which is intended to provide the most important information necessary in an emergency to first responders. It is low-tech, yet highly reliable since first responders are trained to look for medical IDs. This is critical for many who live with chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease or allergies, or who may be taking delicate medications like a blood thinner. Prompt diagnosis and treatment is critical to reduce the chance of errors or long term complications.
However, we feel that personal health records are a valuable tool for any individual who wants to take control of their health. Currently you may have health records residing in many places, from your primary care physician, to your health insurance provider, to your employer to any clinic or ER you have visited. Most of these do not coordinate or “speak to each other”. And over time, as people change jobs, change health care providers, change physicians as they move or see specialists, these files rarely travel with you so you start over each time. There is a tremendous value in being able to put all your health files into one location, where you control what goes into it and you control who sees it. And it is incredibly valuable to your health care providers because they can get a more accurate picture of what’s going on with your health, and can view what is happening over time.
The next question is of course who should house these records. From many surveys I have seen, people do not trust the government to provide them, or their employer, or even their managed care providers. Even Microsoft and Google want to do it because they want to sell advertising.
We offer a personal health record application, our Online Medical Registry, free for life for our customers that purchase a medical ID for us, or for a one-time fee. This is a great option to store your records in one location that can be accessed easily. Lots of other options exist, such as the paper binders, but what if you don’t have that binder with you in an emergency? And a medical ID in coordination with a PHR is a great way to make that information accessible in an emergency.
We often get asked why we do not charge a monthly fee, like most of the providers out there. Basically, it’s not that expensive to house the information once the system is built. But foremost, we believe that a medical ID is the first line of defense in an emergency, and a PHR is a wonderful option that should be used as a secondary tool, and carefully due to patient safety and security.

Check out


Many individuals do not realize that there are many benefits of obtaining medical records and immunization records. Medical records and even immunization records can give you, and various types of medical professionals, an accurate snapshot of your medical history. By obtaining a copy of immunization records, you can easily benefit in that you know exactly what diseases and conditions you have less of a chance of developing. It is important to also keep up with the updates in order to ensure proper defenses from various types of medical conditions, as well as infectious diseases. EMR's are becoming very popular nowadays.

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