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Credit Holder

Yes, it really should have results... For me as a customer who holds his credit card ready to pay for your services,it is very important to know whether you are professional that helps or not.


Thanks for the comment, Toby! It's great to get validation from someone who actually does marketing for a living.

I think there is one subtle difference between marketing healthcare services and more commercial marketing campaigns. Because healthcare providers are dealing with humans who are suffering to one degree or another, compassion needs to be an important component of the marketing plan. 'Caveat emptor' should not be a requirement in a provider/client relationship, and the marketing should reflect that.

Then again, all marketing is about relieving pain of one kind or another. Maybe there's less difference than meets the eye.


Yes to all of the above! If organizations view blogs/social media as a credible marketing strategy then the the answer to your question should fall back into their comfort zone: Develop goals and objectives and match success to that. No different than putting together an interactive or traditional campaign. Granted the measures may vary but the process is the same.

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