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July 27, 2010


Laura Rannella

The Electronic health record promises to change our national health system for the better. As nurses and direct care providers we can anticipate greater efficiency, continuity of care, patient safety and reduced costs to provider and patient alike. Many obstacles however, lie ahead as we begin the challenge of adapting this new technology. Issues dealing with patient confidentiality, initial cost of transfer to computerized systems, staff training, and various other difficulties have begun to appear. The goal in 2004 as stated by the president is that this technology will eventually be used by everyone by the year 2014. There are many research studies debating the pros and cons to the systems we are trying implement at this time.The (AHIC) American Health Information Community
and the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology as part of the (DDHS) Department of Health and Human Resources have been created and set to task to oversee the realization of this policy. A few other places to to go for more information: 1) Simborg MD, Donald W. (2008).Promoting Electronic Health Record Adoption. Is It the Correct Focus? Journal of American Informatics Association. 15, 127-129.
Doi: 10.1197/jamia.M2573

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